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Video marketing is considered one of the most effective channels of marketing, whose return on investment is particularly high. Experts believe that web users are highly likely to view video content as compared to reading through textual content. The efficiency of video marketing techniques is, however, highly dependent on the accuracy and precision of the video-making concepts applied. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your marketing videos.


Prefer shorter videos

The size of your video is highly likely to impact its viewership. Market statistics indicate that 68% of viewers prefer watching videos that are less than 60 seconds in length. Squeezing content to fit within two minutes of video length encourages and attracts viewers to start and finish watching.


Track your video analytics well

Your ability to succeed in video marketing is highly dependent on your keenness to appropriately utilize the right video marketing analytics. You should pay attention to important analytics, such as the viewership rate, interactions on the video, comments, likes, and shares, and the consequent lead conversion rate. For example, if there is a link at the end of the video that requires viewers to click, the click-through rate will give you an idea of how effective your video has been in facilitating lead generation and lead conversion.


Ensure top-quality

Creating top-quality videos is a great incentive that can facilitate top viewership rates on your videos. If the video involves actual shooting, then using high-definition settings enhances the video’s clarity. Also, quality coincides with ensuring that the message being put across is as clear as possible. Each word or image used within the video should work towards your company or product goals.


Think of captions

Video captioning is a great concept that helps enhance the relevance and ability of a video to meet its objective. For example, a viewer will highly likely remember videos that have captions as they engage more senses of their body by watching, listening, and reading. Captions also enable your video to reach out to a diverse population, including persons with hearing disabilities as well as those who cannot understand the language. In such cases, setting the captions in multiple languages can help the video to overcome the language barrier.


With almost every highly used app or website featuring video enabled streaming, it is now easier than ever to utilize this marketing technique. Video streaming is a newer feature that has gained immense popularity across platforms and can benefit a company greatly.