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Pinterest is a social media platform specifically designed to showcase inspiration and ideas for users to make or buy. People utilize Pinterest for a number of commonalities, like wedding planning, house decor, and recipes to name just a few. They are not only looking for their ideas to come alive within a pin but also a direct link to a website that will give them the product or sources on where or how to turn their ideas into a reality. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is the second most influential social media platform for online consumers, right behind Facebook. Keeping in mind its simplicity, here is how you can utilize your Pinterest account for your business’s public relations (PR) benefit. 


To begin, you will find it helpful to have a Pinterest Business account as opposed to their standard account. It is still free but offers key features for marketing and branding purposes that the standard account does not. One monumentally beneficial feature is the ability to add a “save” button to images directly on your website so that viewers can automatically pin any graphics to their own boards. This cross-references your website to that pin which is saved to likely be viewed at a later time. Pinterest Business also offers analytics for free. This tool allows you to view your accounts influence on other users by tracking engagements, interactions, followers, and more. Analytics is a great tool to use to visualize the success of your business and know how and when to make improvements. 


The most important thing to remember about Pinterest is that it is a visual platform, so high-quality photos and graphics matter. This should resonate well with PR and marketing specialists as they tend to be creative and artistic individuals who use visualization to map their next moves. When creating your visual aid, it is vital to remember to include your brand name or logo in an area that is often viewed, like the top or center of the pin. The bottom of the photo is often overlooked or blocked by other graphics. Another way to boost engagement and interaction with your pins is to include an enticing description on the pin as well. Photos are the first thing that will catch the viewers attention but the description provides further clarification that they may need to realize that the pin is personal to them. 


Finally, general interaction on Pinterest plays a vital role in your business’s success. Posting consistently will raise relevancy and provide users with more opportunity to view your brand. Not only that but interacting with other leaders and sources in the industry creates a more authentic presence online for your business. Repinning posts by other influencers in your niche has advantages for your business and helps to show that what you are advertising is genuine and popular by other’s standards as well. 


Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular online catalogs for businesses in any industry. Learning to utilize it to your advantage will help to grow brand awareness and buzz.