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According to recent findings, LinkedIn remains one of the most dominantly used social media platforms to this day. With over 300 million active users, it is no wonder that this B2B social media mogul carries heavy authority in representing your online professional presence. However, on average, users only spend about 10 minutes per visit on the site. With such a strong influence on networking with potential employers, customers, or business associates, it is surprising how little time users spend optimizing their LinkedIn profiles. To gain more benefits from the platform, here are a few tips to enhance your business’s networking profile on LinkedIn. 


Rather than promoting, try networking     

In an age where ads dominate the sidebars of almost every website, social media users are less interested in being sold a product, and more inclined to use a platform to connect with other users. Rather than using your business’s LinkedIn profile to promote your service or product to potential customers, use it to network with potential partners and referrers. Building a network expands your online repertoire of resources that you can use to your advantage at various points throughout your business’s lifecycle. 


Be human

Emotions sell a product, and consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they feel connected with the people behind the scenes of the company. People react more to businesses that post as if they are just another person. Sharing though leadership articles, spotlighting influencers in your company’s niches, or even just interacting with other users proves authenticity. Interacting with other users will also increase the chances of your post being re-shared to their network, which builds brand awareness. 


Analyze your history

LinkedIn provides a free analytics section that will display engagement statistics between your business and it’s connections with other users. Think of it like a test that has been graded and provided feedback on how to do better next time around. LinkedIn analytics summarize a variety of information like which hashtags gained the most interaction and what kind of posts were preferred – with photos, without photos, with outbound links, etc. Analytics also provides an inside look at the demographics of your audience. Analyzing your key demographic is the best way to cater to your posts in a way that will invoke the most positive response for your business.


Keep it simple and relevant

As with any social media post, there is typically a post character limit for a reason. LinkedIn posts should portray the general information that you want to share, without going into too much depth. Users prefer quick information that they can glance over to help make their decision on the next action they will take. Stick with summaries, and maybe even add backlinks that the user can click to find more information on your business’s website. Not only will this drive traffic to your website, but it provides the user with the power to make the decision to learn more information, rather than be fed information they may not necessarily want.   


At the end of the day, LinkedIn should remain your business’s most professional online presence. An optimized LinkedIn profile can foster immense benefits for your company.