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There is no slowdown in sight for social media as an interactive tool in business. With the new year around the corner and business budgets resetting soon, here are some of the trends to watch out for in social networks for 2020.


  1. TikTok will continue to grow in attracting advertising dollars.

TikTok is a China-based video-sharing app for Android and iOS users rapidly growing in popularity. It allows the user to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The average user of this app spends about 45 minutes per day on it, which exceeds the time they spend on Facebook. The app is so popular it may take away ad revenue from Facebook.


  1. Facebook will keep investing in news shows.

Facebook announced at the beginning of 2019 it would invest $300 million in news initiatives, partnerships, and content. One of the goals is to help improve local newsrooms, particularly for nonprofit organizations involved with journalism. The social network is moving deeper into news literacy programs and fact-checking.


  1. Instagram stories will display more ads.

The user experience on Instagram has faced distractions such as rising Story ad frequency. Instagram will continue to increase ad volume in Stories, which users may notice and experience ad fatigue. In August 2019, the site confirmed that it was experimenting with back-to-back Story ads from different sponsors.


  1. Organic reach will decline for Instagram.

Instagram users will continue to see a decline in organic reach. Users saw steep declines in engagement on the platform in 2019, as the site reduced its organic reach in favor of promoting ads. Posts that don’t get initial reaction get buried much quicker.


  1. Branding opportunities will expand with Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups will open the door for more branding opportunities to nurture communities that support new products. About half of Facebook’s 2 billion users participate in Facebook Groups. These groups are based on common interests and goals. The easiest way to expand groups is by running targeted Facebook ads.


  1. Twitter continues to offer cost-effective advertising.

Twitter will continue to be a leading cost-effective social media advertising site. Well-written and timed tweets can be effective at reaching millions to promote a product release or event.


  1. Many brands will launch podcasts.

Podcasting will become more prominent as brands emphasize audio to promote new products and share company information. This emerging form of multimedia will be more common due to the low barrier of entry for creating weekly audio shows.


With more focus on ads and reaching targeted audiences, social media continues to offer one of the best marketing outlets for most brands. Businesses would be wise to invest in social media marketing in the new year, if not already considered in their budget.