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The foundation of a business’s health is their website. After all, a strong online presence is nothing without an engaging website for consumers to land on after clicking on an ad or following a backlink. This is why having an interactive and well-designed website is so important, and a component that is well worth the extra room in the budget to perfect. What defines a great website will vary for every industry, business, and goal, but here are a few key components to remember.

Branding is everything – Your brand should remain consistent across all mediums for your business. This means utilizing the same logo, color scheme, fonts, and theme throughout your social media accounts, website, print ads, etc.

Find a reliable foundation – Secure a unique domain name on a reliable content management system. This allows your business to build an organized and functional foundation that can be easily updated. A reliable hosting network is important to prevent the website from crashing.

Keep it simple and organized – A majority of website viewers will only look to the first page to find the information that they desire. This does not mean that every piece of information needs to crowd the front page, but menus should be labeled clearly to direct the viewer to their information that they seek with a simple click of one button.

Use keywords for optimization – Organic searches will account for a majority of website views unless you pay for search ads. Because of this, you will want to utilize relevant keywords throughout your website to increase the authority of your website in the organic searches.

Showcase authenticity – Consumers interact more with brands that portray human connections and appeal to their emotions. Utilizing photos of people that work at your company, real customer reviews and testimonials, and ratings will build a human relationship with consumers.

Use calls to action – Driving consumers to take action on your website in some way or another will increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase. You can use interactive buttons, banners, and boxes that can be clicked just once to bring them to a new page featuring a product, shopping cart, or email subscription option.

Testing and Analytics – Google Analytics is a free service that will collect and display important back-end data about your website. It provides a look at your website traffic and demographics, allowing you to easily make decisions about your website and products. Continuous tests on your websites are the best way to ensure it remains up to date with software updates and engagement improvements.

Personally or professionally investing in maintaining a strong presence through your business’s website will help propel your business’s success. This is a component of a business plan that requires constant attention and should be properly funded, providing great ROI if executed properly.