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In today’s modern age, there is no better way to get your name out into the world than through the Internet. However, it isn’t enough to simply create a Facebook page or a website. In order to gain an audience, people need to know that you exist. This is true for both entrepreneurs and big businesses alike. The problem comes in knowing who to trust with your reputation and brand. If you don’t choose the right social media manager, you could either end up wasting a significant amount of money or, even worse, harm your company’s reputation. 

A social media manager has a very important job to do. It is crucial to find somebody who doesn’t try to fit all of their clients into one cookie-cutter format since all businesses and visions are different. Some people have specific demographics to reach and therefore want to aim the majority of a social media campaign at a specific social media channel. Other businesses that may have wide-spread appeal will want a far-reaching campaign hitting as many points of the Internet as possible.

Time management is also key. Because there are potentially over 50 channels one could perhaps choose to manage, you need a person who is capable of monitoring and staying active on the ones that matter. There are several high ranking social media channels that the tech industry can agree on. Setting up profiles and generating regular activity on these channels is usually a great jumping-off point for most social media campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are very popular, but even if your social media manager sets up profiles, it’s important that they understand your vision for your company brand. This might mean not having the typical go-to’s. 

Writing is a huge part of any social media job description. It is, therefore, crucial to hire someone who is a competent writer. Never forget that they are representing you online. A social media writer must be able to write not only decent articles but also short, engaging tag lines that draw in readers and make them want to click and see more. 

Another quality you want to look for is whether your social media manager can be a good collaborator. You need someone who is capable of working in a team environment. Their job is to make you look good, so an open mind and willingness to compromise are essential.